2217 Welton

2217 Welton


2217 Welton provided the Arrow B team with some pretty clear-cut goals: open the building up to the quickly developing Five Points neighborhood and clean up the interior to create a large open space perfect for a restaurant / bar / venue tenant. After investigation, it was clear the building was also in need of structural improvements, a new bathroom core and utility upgrades. Once renovated the fa├žade will feature large glazed overhead doors in the historic window openings and restored brick. Simple exterior lighting and entry canopy create a restored, grander sense of entry. 2217 Welton is just around the corner from 2200 California, another big redevelopment project by the Arrow B team.

5,318 Square Feet


Located in Denver, Colorado

Construction by Precision Construction


  • Site Assessment / Field Documentation
  • Space Planning
  • Design
  • Design Development
  • Code Analysis
  • Modeling/Rendering
  • Consultant Coordination
  • Construction Documentation