Jackson’s Corner

Jackson’s Corner


Once again Arrow B is working with Van West Partners and Spectrum General Contractors on a building renovation in the heart of the Five Points Historic Cultural District. Previously home to commercial laundry services, Arrow B has subdivided the building into a mixed-use, multi-tenant building. Historical openings will be restored and new paint will emphasize the existing masonry details. Where new openings are proposed, design cues were taken from the existing building or neighboring properties in the Landmark district. Steel channel lintels and pipe columns are used as structural solutions and provide modest and respectful architectural details. Arrow B must work closely with Landmark Preservation through design review to ensure the renovation reflects the character of Five Points. This new development will provide pedestrian scale and streetscape activation, bringing life to this long-overlooked corner.


14,354 Square Feet


Located in Denver, Colorado

Construction by Spectrum General Contractors



  • Site & Building Assessment
  • Field Documentation / Record Drawings
  • Space Planning
  • Code Analyses
  • Architectural Design
  • Visualization / Rendering
  • Consultant Coordination
  • Construction Documentation
  • Landmark Preservation Submittal
  • Permit Submittal