La Chiva


La Chiva, a colorful Colombian food truck, is excited to open their first location. With a name inspired by the beloved Colombian bus that climbs over mountainous roads carrying travelers and livestock, La Chiva brings authentic Colombian food and culture to the Denver area. Arrow B worked to renovate the existing space, making minimal changes but bringing the bright culture to the new full service restaurant and bar.

1,534 Square Feet


Located in Denver, Colorado

Construction by EJS Builders, Inc.

Photos by Rosy Heart Photo

“I highly recommend working with this firm, they treated us as their #1 priority and have become great friends of La Chiva.”  See More Testimonials.

– Jorge Aguirre, Owner


  • Site Assessment / Field Documentation
  • Space Planning
  • Design
  • Code Analysis
  • Design Development
  • Interior Design
  • Consultant Coordination
  • Permit Submittals