Provision Bar

Provision Bar


Replacing a dated (and rather notorious) Castle Rock watering hole, Provision Bar will be a high-end cocktail bar with a laid-back industrial and moody theme. Arrow B is coordinating the renovation of the existing brick buildings that have been a variety of functions including an old ice cream shop, laundromat and a dive bar. Exposed structure, brick and multiple level changes all lend a unique character to the space. Leather tile, aged metal, brick and reclaimed wood creates an industrial chic feel for the high-end clientele. The fa├žade will receive a much-needed facelift to remake the building into a destination and great addition to the historical Castle Rock street.


3,096 Square Feet


Located in Castle Rock, Colorado

Construction by Rocky Mountain Excavating, Inc.



  • Site Assessment / Field Documentation
  • Space Planning
  • Code Analysis
  • Design Development
  • Design
  • Interior Design
  • Modeling / Rendering
  • Consultant Coordination
  • Construction Documentation
  • Permit Submittal