Woody Creek Bakery & Cafe / Caribou Coffee – Pearl Street Mall

Woody Creek Bakery & Cafe / Caribou Coffee – Pearl Street Mall


In 2012, Woody Creek Bakery & Cafe joined with Minnesota-based Caribou Coffee to create this prototype model of co-branded service: a full, Caribou Coffee kiosk operating within an existing Woody Creek Bakery & Cafe. Arrow B Architecture coordinated with Caribou Coffee to adapt and revise existing standards to the new concept.

The location on the famous and quirky Pearl St. Mall in Boulder, Colorado provided opportunities for both interior and exterior improvements. The historic nature of the existing building is represented in the Caribou Coffee ‘ghost sign’. The charming eccentricity of Boulder and the mall is reflected in the custom ‘Crop Circle’ community table.


4,250 Square Feet

New Tenant Finish

Located in Boulder, Colorado




  • Signage Design
  • Design
  • Construction Documentation
  • Spacing Planning
  • Custom Lighting Design
  • Custom Furniture Design
  • Art Selection
  • Food Service Equipment Coordination
  • Construction Administration
  • Landmark Approval